Sewers in Dardnah

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    • Sewers in Dardnah

      So last night my folks left for their vacation house in the desert leaving me to house and cat-sit Finally! I thought A weekend all to myself! And then I got a call earlier today from Mom saying they were coming back because a pipe had v=broken while they were gone and the almost the entire house was flooded

      And that got me thinking Janah doesn't have flush toilets but they do have sewers had to reread the description of the Mucker occupation in the Shard Basic Compendium to make sure I read right that it did say sewer, on TV Tropes page for the trope 'Absurdly Spacious Sewer' it notes the TMNT seem to occupy the NYC Storm Drain system rather than the sewers as people seem to get those two things confused imagining the Turtles in Dardunah's actual sewer sewers and they's be like...Uh...Nevermind

      And of course this from Freakazoid
    • Heh! I think you are trying to inquire as to whether Dárdüni cities have sewers or not, and the general answer is, essentially yes! The last campaign I ran featured a group of vagabond child-aged street thieves who absolutely knew their way around the "underground" of the city, which was not only composed of tunnels where the waste-water of the city would flow (from either ceramic pipes emerging from beneath buildings, or through drainage holes and street-side sluices that funnel rainwater and chamber pots down gutter drains) but also made of remnant ruins of buildings and streets that were covered over and built on top of when a city is conquered or destroyed and then built on top of again and again, over thousands of years...

      It might be possible to actually have huge underground tunnels, and hideouts and vast chambers that were once basements and subterranean vaults buried away in the dark, washed open by water flowing through in heavy rains, shored up with ancient stone pillars and riddled with a veritable maze of forgotten corridors, and potentially occupied by all manner of frightening creatures and dangerous criminals... There were numerous adventures my group enjoyed merely moving about the city unseen using those sewer corridors, while finding hidden rooms and pathways filled with all sorts of terrors and wonders originating from whatever cultures lived there in bygone days...

      Fun stuff!