Anyone Inspired to do a Plague Campaign?

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    • Wow! I'm so sorry I missed your post for so long!

      I don't think this is insensitive at all!! I mean, many of us HAVEN'T thought about games and entertainment pertaining to things like a zombie-plague or otherwise during these trying times?

      Even before all of this I ran a campaign based on the idea that Giant "suthra" (insect life) from the other side of the world were emerging into the lands of the jánah to conquer it... They did this by "softening up" the Zoic population before-hand by essentially "infecting" the people they met with a horrid disease that essentially caused them to begin reverting mentally and physiologically back toward a more primal state, becoming confused, angry, and violent as they did so, and causing vast amounts of the population to essentially "go mad" and begin rampaging through cities across the world...

      Pretty powerful and frightening stuff, for my players! ^^