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    • Body markings and modifications in Dárdünah cultures cover a fairly wide variety of methods to either color or mark skin, fur, feathers, or scales. These methods can include a variety of different techniques, such as shaving of short fur into patterns (such as seen on horses and camels in our own world), direct tattoos on the skin that either color the skin or cause special dyes to work their way into any fur that grown from that patch of skin, special "freeze-branding" techniques to make fur lose its pigmentation in certain areas where the method is applied, and even hot-branding of the flesh itself!

      When it comes to feathers, Paksin love to paint their plumage (sometimes in garish colors), suspend ornaments from particular feathers, or apply dyes to create dramatic color changes, but they will also apply standard tattoos on their exposed skin as well.

      As for Sarpah, their skin can be tattooed as well, but those with shells and scales will even modify them by insetting them with precious stones, painting them, or even adding dyes to them to achieve all kinds of colors and effects. Especially thick scales or shells might even be carved or engraved to some extent, like scrimshaw work...

      Hopefully this helps! ^^