Adventures for Trade Caste

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    • Adventures for Trade Caste

      Thinking about how should I ever get an opportunity to actually play this game I'd really like to play a Trade Caste Character, but then had to think for a moment about the kinds of 'Adventure Types' mentioned in the book and some are more suited to Lower Castes than others

      Serving a Lord seems to be mostly for Sunborn and Holy Caste as there isn't much reason for a Groomer or Baker to go on adventures for his or her Lord seems 'Peasants to Heroes' (With Trade Caste being a more upgraded version of Peasants) and Survivors of Destruction' type plotlines offer the most 'equal opportunity' for any character to step up and prove themselves regardless of Caste
    • Yeah I think you've correctly hit upon the kind of Trade Caste campaign archetypes I happened to present in the first book, as examples...

      Of course, another Trade Caste type might be able to fit into any campaign based on the idea of being a "world traveler" or "exploration party" of some kind... Such a campaign (or even short-run series of adventures) could use the talents of average Trade Caste folk such as Apothecaries, Artisans of all kinds, Weapons Crafters of all kinds, Cartographers, Furriers (if it's a series of hunting expeditions, for instance), Cooks, etc, etc.... Heck,..."Explorer" is actually one of the Professions you can choose!

      Essentially, look back at any of those Professions, and then imagine them in the setting of an exploratory expedition of some kind... One could even imagine the "adventures" they'd have could be somewhat light-hearted and comedic in comparison to their "high power level" employers who might be in the background of the campaign... Think of that recent series about the often unseen crew members of a starship in the Star Trek universe (called "Lower Decks" I think).... That features what are often considered "lesser" character as crew aboard such a vessel, highlighting how THEY handle what seems to happen on board during every kind of episode that we're normally used to seeing from the standpoint of the command crew... You KNOW that those lesser characters are the ones that have to really get their hands dirty running around and either defending themselves or helping their friends or whatever when the ship has to deal with all those emergencies, but we, as the audience, normally never get to see them do their thing... All kinds of funny, exciting, or even sadly serious scenarios can come from that kind of "adventure context"...

      And check out the "Entertainer" category starting on page 129 of the Basic Compendium. A whole episodic campaign could be easily crafted using ANY of those professions while having them travel from country to country as a traveling entertainment troupe! Think "Carnivalle" but Shard style!

      Good stuff! ^^
    • True enough, I'm currently playing an Animal Game on roll20 the system is Pathfinder but instead of taking place in the fantasy land the Pathfinder world is set in it instead takes place on Earth during the 1970s the whole thing is like a cross between Rocky & Bullwinkle and James Bond thus is is called 'Secret Agent Animals' we're not Anthros we're 'Ferals' but cartoon logic is applied as with enough practice we can walk on our hind legs for extended periods of time and even write without opposable thumbs the whole is meant to be humorous but man is this what I needed during Quarantine we have seven players I play a Mongrel Dog Cleric named Snowy (She doesn't look like Tintin's Snowy she's meant to be a cross of Saluki and Rat Terrier)

      I think Snowy could easily translate into a Holy Caste Priestess
    • Imagining the other players in our group, some are flat-out mythical creatures that don't exist in Dardunah (A Fairy Dragon and a Phoenix) and one is an 'Enchanted Beast' a Coven Octopus either way Octopi aren't PC options in Dardunah so the 'Normal Animals' left is a black Puma (Her player said she's a hybrid of Puma and Jaguar, since in the Pregnancy Thread, someone said a union between a white swan and a raven resulted in a black swan so I feel the union between a Puma and a Black Panther could result in a Melanistic Puma) who is a Rouge/Bard Hybrid which really could fit right in with that Campaign with the Children Outcastes who also entertainers when they're older there is also an Opossum Magus who wields an enchanted black blade which the Character Obadiah fears will one day control him, could be quite a story an Opossum Warrior who finds a Sword that is cursed/possessed and even though he fears the blade he can't give up the increased power it gives him, could be quite the tragic story and finally we have the Pigeon Druid who would probably just be a Pigeon Summoner who specializes in 'Pythia's Way'