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    • Welcome to the SHARD RPG Community Forum

      Welcome to the Community Forum for SHARD RPG, a game of Dárdünah: World of the False Dawn. This forum has been created to allow people interested in the game, both near and far, to get together and share their thoughts, their ideas, their inspirations, and of couse their questions and interests in the game, our company, and the many things we hope to achieve as this exciting property continues to grow!

      It has been nearly fifteen years in the making, having its origin in the original brainchild of Aaron de Orive way back in early 1992, when he laid down some of the first rules and fiction, and ran some of the earliest games of Dárdünah for me and other close friends. Since then I have been given the reigns to bring this RPG to completion, had the honor of running the game myself for the last fourteen years or so, and have, with the help of numerous individuals, seen this game blossom into a beautiful product that has finally made it to full publication. The last step was final phase of play-testing that brought this game to full polish for everyone else out there that might find as much pleasure enjoying the world of Dárdünah as I have. Not only can you interact with others interested in this game, most of whom I hope will choose to pick it up and play it once it hits the shelves in May of 2008, you'll also be able to peruse the archived threads of all the playtesters involved in its creation!

      Pleasant journeys. May your crystal never shatter.

      Scott Jones ^^
    • RE: Welcome to the SHARD RPG Community Forum

      Hello Scott
      I am using two system in my game that I am playing and yours is the main one. This is the first time that I have GM so I am still learning a lot from my friends here and at home. I am looking to find out what the ships look like and run like and where I would find where would I find this information? I saw some sky-ships in a picture and it looks like they can land in the water as well as be in the air. Is this a true assumption? I am using the mine story but not really because I have torn that baby up and made it my own. I hope that you get back to me soon.
    • RE: Welcome to the SHARD RPG Community Forum

      Hey there bmroe777, and welcome!

      I believe that there's an attachment on one of the threads in this forum that givens even more Skyship information, including the level-by-level schematics of a ship, which is pretty useful when running games aboard them... Let me see... Ah,...there it is!
      Go to this thread and look at the fifth response down (mine), and the attachments is there!

      And yes indeed, you are correct,... most skyships CAN land in water as well as fly, which makes them extra versatile!

      Enjoy using the Mine Inspection scenario to create your own adventure! Hopefully it turns out well for you, and that the information is helpful!

      Scottie ^^