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    • General questions

      I have not finished reading the book cover to cover yet but I have read most of it and skimmed the whole thing. I'm almost done, but anyways my group decided to give Shard a shot after I bought it this last Gen-Con and pushed heavily for them to try it. They finally agreed after looking some of the material over and want to give it a go. They come from playing D&D VTM/Whitewolf and other fairly combat heavy games with books that have tons of tables and charts sprinkled in. But to make a short story longer here is my question. While we were going through creating characters we got everything done except for weapons. This area seemed vague to us we couldn't find out how much various materials cost, for instance if it was made of amber or something, or even in if was made of lacquered wood. So what I'm asking is how do you guys decide what things cost and what is available in a given area. Did I miss something in the book that explains all this or how it is handled? Like a gold value for the different mats and supplies and such. I understand that the weapon can look however you want, which we really liked being able to design our own stuff but how do you decide how much gold it takes to make it? Sorry if this has been covered before or if I'm just thick and missed it in the book.