Examples of Talents and Advantages

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    • Examples of Talents and Advantages

      Happy New Year everyone!

      In the spirit of giving away tidbits that we think might make the world of the SHARD RPG a richer experience, I'd like to throw something your way that ended up on the cutting-room floor when we first published the Basic Compendium... As you may know or remember, we were under a big time-crunch trying to get that book edited for a second pass and out the door in time for the Christmas season. We had already been at it for an extra year, and with the addition of the huge history section, knew we were going to have to make cuts here and there, for both time's sake, as well as keeping the book at around 350 pages.

      One of those areas we had to make some hard decisions about were the sections on Talents and Advantages. At the time, Aaron was overwhelmed with re-writes, and although we absolutely LOVE to show examples of various rules used in-game (not only to clarify how they work, but to add a bit of fictional flavor to the mix as well), with the changes made to those sections, Aaron was concerned that rewriting the existing examples, as well as making new ones for those added attributes, would simply take too long... I, however, was really saddened that we were losing these little tidbits of inspirational role-playing goodness, and wanted to find some way of eventually sharing them with our players. Aaron had a great idea... What is our forum for, if not for sharing little extras like this?

      What you are about to read has been edited once already (prior to Aaron's final edits of the Basic Compendium), and has just recently been edited again to make sure that any references to the old rules and attributes have been changed or removed, and replaced with correct examples that can be used with the current basic rules. You will not, however, find any new examples for the Talents that were added during Aaron's revision, and you'll notice that some of the old Talent examples now apply to attributes that are currently part of our Skill list, but hopefully these little tidbits will inspire all sorts of role-playing ideas for your future games!

      So with all that in mind, enjoy the fun in-game examples! (see attachment)

      Scottie ^^