What happens after 12

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    • What happens after 12

      So, the number of dice that can be rolled for any one test is 12. We have many members of our table who are rapidly approtching 12 or even 14 ranks in their skills. Jasher for one on his essence + Mystic Ranks checks is already rolling 11. And when I spend his next bit of story points he will be rolling 12 on his summoning tests. SO what happenes when you reach after modifiers are at 13 dice? Obviously you drop down to 12 but is that 1 just lost? Does it grant a reroll or one failure? Is this something that was not forseen? I bring this up because I can't seem to find anything in the book on this matter.

      Personaly I would go the route of my Warhammer 40k experiance. For those who aren't familar with that game I will give a quick paraphrase of the rule to which I refer. But basicly the "maxium" shooting skill a modle can have in that game is 5, the target number or higher you need to roll to hit with a shot is found basicly by subtracting you shooting skill from 7 but a 1 always fails. There are though a few characters with skills as high as 6 or 7 sometimes higher. These characters get to reroll their failed shots (although at a penalty, since before they only failed on a roll of a 1).

      I think a variation on this rule might work for shard as characters become more and more skillful, they become more powerful. Getting your ranks up that high should be rewarded as painting, sclupture, singing, or yes even fighting, have become much easier for you. So being able to reroll a number of failures equal to the number of dice you didn't get to roll is fair (6's gained this way do not explode).
      If it comes down to the rules or the story; sorry but the rule book just became a paper-weight.

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    • I don't remember there being such a limit to skill rolls, either way I never employed such a rule.

      If you mean this:
      Basic Compendium Page 99
      Please note that
      at no time may any Skill, Animal Ability, Talent, or
      Advantage have a value greater than 12.

      That confuses me as well, but I figured that this doesnt mean the ranking/dice pool, but skill level/times a skill was bought.

      So a skill can only be bought/leveled up 12 times.
    • RE: What happens after 12

      Hey there!

      Sherbie is correct in this... Though you may not purchase a Ranking higher than 12 in any attribute, you CAN take advantage of the fact that you may be able to roll more than 12 dice when attempting to make a roll for that attribute if any Bonus Modifiers in effect give you a total of more than 12 dice for that particular roll...

      Scottie ^^