Non-Animal Animal Templates

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    • Non-Animal Animal Templates

      Ok! So, First: of I have to thank Sherbi for the awesome interactive template maker thing, it rocks, and works really well for this.

      Second: Not all the Templates I'm going to post are going to be "Non-Animal," but most of them will. Things like Humans, Elves, Dwarves and the like, as there doesn't seem to be any other place to find these, nor anyone else making them, I figured I'd post them here

      Ironically, the first templates that I've created are Animal in nature, but I highly doubt there are any other templates of them out there... So I bring you "My Little Pony: Shard!" (Oh yea, I went there!)

      Earth Pony!
      [Blocked Image:]
      (Actually, the stats and most of the animal abilities are a direct rip from the horse template already in game)

      [Blocked Image:]

      and Unicorn!
      [Blocked Image:]

      I'm actually surprised... I somehow made all three of these templates work out to each be 57 points. (You may also notice that I've left some fields blank... That's mainly because I'm lazy :p)

      Alright, so, a little explaining I guess is in order. Yes, I am a major fan of the new "My Little Pony" show, it's not strange for a 20-somethin' guy to be a fan. One day, while talking with some friends online ABOUT the new show, I got a seemingly random PM from one asking me to DM a game. I quickly put two and two together and realized he wanted me to run a MLP game, and linked me to this. Basically it was Paizo's attempt at an April Fool's joke. But at the same time, the templates seemed to be balanced, so my friend wanted me to run a game for him and a couple others using these templates.

      I quickly began thinking a campaign... But realized that the whole "D&D/Pathfinder" system wouldn't work with what I had in mind, I needed something more free. So I whipped these up in a few short minutes (thanks to the automated template maker), and feel like they're worth something.

      Anyway, hope you get a good laugh, or maybe a good game, using these three. I'll post more when I get more done, and they'll probably be more of a serious nature... Until I do a couple other MLP Templates, like Alicorn and Griffon and buffalo, plus whatever others that may pop up in the show.
    • Ha ha!!!! Those are totaly hilarious!

      The funny thing is,...I recently ran a demo where one of the participants demanded to be allowed to create a unicorn character... No magical powers or anything,...just a horse with a horn, essentially, and a few other Characteristic and Ability tweaks to satisfy her whims...

      It was great! The funny thing is, she decided to be a Demon Hunter as a profession (when a horse with a horn in this game world would normally be viewed as a demon herself)...

      She had a blast, and I may try to get that group together for some gaming again sometime...

      Scottie ^^