Languages in Shard?

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    • Languages in Shard?

      As a language nut, I love the detailed descriptions of all the different Shard languages. Also as a language nut, I want yet more detail!

      When you talk about the Vajrah alphabet and segmented script, is that something close to Devanagari? Close enough I could use it for handouts, maybe?

      How about the logographic scripts? Chinese/Japanese, maybe?

      Any other info I can wheedle out of you?

    • RE: Languages in Shard?

      Hey there! Ednoria!

      I do indeed believe that Aaron intended the primary Vajrah alphabets to be based on the Devanagari script, at least from a stylistic standpoint (as you have already noticed, I'm sure, when trying to sound out the fun names associated with most of the nations and other such details). The northern Sarpah languages have been influenced largely by the various dialects of Bali, Malaysia, and Indonesia (with lots more hissing "s"s added in for serpenty-goodness... ^_^)

      As to the logographic scripts, I believe that Aaron had in mind more references to the earlier Chinese "hanzi" script than the later-adapted Japanese "kanji", especially since the language varieties draw more from the Hindu and Chinese heritages and memory impressions of the Great Father and Mother, who were of those cultures...

      I'll see if I can get Aaron to weigh in on this conversation, since he has a much clearer vision when it comes to this stuff specifically...


      Scottie ^^
    • RE: Languages in Shard?

      Yes, the Vajrah segmented script is based on Devanagari, and you could certainly use it for handouts. For the Sarpah logographic script, Chinese would be the most appropriate comparison.

      That's about as far as we got with languages. As Scott said, the Sarpah languages were highly influenced by Malaysian and Indonesian languages. Other languages were influenced either by the Earth cultures that influenced the Darduni cultures or by the sounds dominant in the language and whether the Zoic types of a certain region would be likely to make those sounds (go guttural languages would be adopted by Zoics that growl, musical languages by birds, etc.).

      Hope that helps!

    • RE: Languages in Shard?

      The Klin should be shrouded in mystery. Everything about them is strange and bizarre (to other Zoics). Their script should be no exception. Make it eerie, strange, disturbing to study for long periods of time.

      Some people say that the Klin bound powerful demons into the sigils and symbols used in their alien script. It seems to move if you study it for long, or if you catch a glimpse of the script out of the corner of your eye. If you read their script aloud, you'll hear whispers and voices in the shadows. The darkness will grow more oppressive. An icy chill will grip you.

      The script of the Klin is the script of sorcery. It was borrowed from demons and brought to Dardunah - a thing alive and sinister and eager to gain control of all those who read it.

      How's that?