Npc Quick Reference Sheets

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    • Npc Quick Reference Sheets

      As our game has been moving along I have found having the NPC sheets are great for professions that involve owning a business or crewing a ship although I didn't care for having multiple pages for characters that will play a minute role in things so I created a Quick Reference all inclusive one page break down for NPC's

      Hope you all enjoy or find use for it.
    • RE: Npc Quick Reference Sheets

      Cool DarkLadyKat!

      This is kinda like how I laid out the single-page sheets for the pre-generated characters for the Mini-Adventures you can download, except tailored for NPCs!

      Yours is cheaper on ink-usage too!


      You know, some point I'm going to have to come up with an even "shorter form" of this type of thing as I begin presenting important NPCs in the World Guide... I'm sure you discovered how hard it is try to squeeze all the important bits in...

      Scottie ^^