Newb here

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    • Ok, so I kind of, well... REALLY, want to play a session or two of this. But I can't... my Laptop is broken, and my PS3 is the only internet access I have. So, I'm kinda stuck without any chance of playing... But that isn't the reason I'm here. I'm here to tell you about myself:

      Movie: Forest Gump, Tangled or the Underworld Trilogy.
      Book: the entire "Dark Tower" series by Stephen King
      Genre of Video Game: three-way tie between: RPG, Strategy and Table-top
      Color: Yellow
      Band: Too many to name, Guns and Roses, Journey, Rammstein, Gorillas, Pink Floyd, ACDC, but the list could keep going on...
      Lycanthrope: Were-Raven

      Least Favorite:
      Movie: Too many to name...
      Book: Never met a book I didn't like
      Genre of Video Game: Puzzle
      Color: Orange
      Band: Skrillex
      Lycanthrope: Were-Wolf (too stereotypical)

      That just about covers it. If there is something you want to ask, go ahead. I just won't tell you my name, you can guess, but I won't say if its right or wrong.

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    • Dice: Check!
      Friends: Check!
      Table: Check!
      SHARD Rulebook: almost check... I can get it, if I stop spending money renting games from Blockbuster.

      The main reason I brought up my laptop is because I don't know anyone who might be interested in this. I have a few Tabletop RPG friends, but I think some of them would have major griefs with playing an Anthro-RPG.

      Anywhat, Where did I hear about SHARD? Well, I was bored one night and I was browsing for Furry RPGs hoping to find something. I found a wikipedia link, went through about 10 or 11 links there, and I came to SHARD. Well, I decided to stay.
    • Alright, will do. I hope they are as open-minded as they say they are and... dig this game as much as I do. You are so cool for saying that. Not many people I know could use that and keep a straight face.

      Anywhat, here's to hoping they are at least a bit open to the prospect of this game!
    • So, I managed to talk to one of my friends about it. The others will have to wait till I can get my laptop fixed, as I have no other way to contact them, well... the friend I did talk to could do it, but I think that might be a bit of a hassle.

      Anyways, he's open to playing it, and when I get the compendium the two of us are going to check it out. Until then I can only fantasize about what the game is really like. I'd rather not ask as it would spoil it, and I despise spoilers...