Handy dandy combat counter...

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    • Handy dandy combat counter...

      Hey gang,

      I've found players have problems tracking their Initiative and Actions in combat. True they could use the combat tracker form but players usually ignore this viewing it as another form of paperwork. This isn't Starfleet Battles or Car Wars after all.

      So how'bout a little crafting?

      Attached you'll find a simple two dial tracker. Assembly should be pretty easy, you'll need:

      computer printer
      razor knife
      thumb tack
      two brass brads or grommets
      straight edge

      1. Print the tracker on cardstock
      2. Cut out the tracker with the razor knife
      3. Cut out the dials cutting inside the lines so they easily fit inside the folded tracker.
      4. Carefully remove the small windows in gray
      5. Carefully fold the tracker in half along the line, using the straight edge as a guide
      6. Use a thumb tack to poke holes in the dials and the small gray circles on the tracker.
      7. Push the brass brads through the hole in the tracker

      If you don't want to have the brads sticking through the whole tracker only poke through the top and use glue to keep the folded tracker together.

      I have a small laminator so prior to any assembly I laminate the whole sheet. After making the cuts I then run each piece through the laminator again to ensure the plastic melts a little around the edges of the exposed cardstock.

      Maybe we can con Scottie into working his layout magic and actually putting the Shard logo and fonts on the tracker and maybe make it look a like the interior of the Shard book.



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    • I already made ten of the first version. I was going to ask you to make the bits you cut out a bit more obvious, because they don't show up real well on colored paper. I see you've done that for the boxes to cut out to see the numbers, can you do that for parts you punch out too? It would make things a bit easier.

      And thank you! These were a big hit in my game yesterday.

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    • Looking at these a bit more, I'm thinking you might want to change the text a bit, as it's not clear what is fixed and what you roll.

      So instead of

      1d6 + Agility + Fast Reflexes Rank

      just use

      Agility + Fast Reflexes Rank

      since that's the fixed amount.

      For the second one, it would be

      2 + Combat Instinct Rank

      Just a suggestion! I have players who are still confused about how many dice to roll each time, which is why I'm being so picky. :) But it's very useful the way it is, and thank you again!

      I'm starting to think I should just make up an index card for each person with their basic combat stats as a quick reference. For myself, I have a lovely spreadsheet with all the different types of attacks and what can defend against what and complementary skills and so on. I can share that if anyone would be interested...

      Oh what the heck, here it is. If I've forgotten anything, let me know!
      • Shard Combat.pdf

        (81.46 kB, downloaded 1,203 times, last: )

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    • Ednoria! That a pretty handy little sheet you've made!

      It may relieve your group to know, however, that according to our rules, as long as you have purchased Martial Arts as one of your Skills, you don't have to suffer the additional -2 modifier when attempting the use of the special Martial Maneuvers on the Maneuver Location Table... (even if you're not using Martial Arts...)... So,...if you wished, you could leave the "-2" off of your table, and everything else seems to look correct...

      Scottie ^^
    • That's how I run it!

      Our idea with running it that way comes from the basic concept that once you have training in Martial Arts, you know how to hit specific areas of the body to create all the effects on the table at their base difficulty modifiers,...even if you are using a chair in a teahouse brawl...

      Of course, other GMs can always choose to confine the Maneuver Location Table to specifically apply to Martial Arts only,...but my logic is that if you pay the higher cost to know Martial Arts as a combat Skill, you can apply that knowledge to almost any individual hand-to-hand or hand-held combat situation...

      As it says on page 217,..."If your character possesses Martial Arts, you are able to freely use the Maneuver Location Table to target specific areas of your opponent's body to achieve certain special combat effects..."

      And on page 219, in the second paragraph under Combat Using Martial Arts, Firearm Combat, and Suthra Use, it says..."The Martial Arts Skill includes both open-handed and weapon-based combat, and can take the place of the Brawling and Melee Skill (though you can have and use them all individually). Having purchased Martial Arts, you may use the Maneuver Location Table without additional minuses for Throw, Missile, and any Natural Weaponry attacks... "

      The special Martial Maneuvers don't really apply to Firearm or Artillery Skills, though, as you mentioned...

      Scottie ^^
    • Originally posted by Ednoria
      So instead of

      1d6 + Agility + Fast Reflexes Rank

      just use

      Agility + Fast Reflexes Rank

      since that's the fixed amount.

      Uh... unless I missed something, Initiative is rolled every round and it's 1d6 + Agility + Fast Reflexes Rank

      This is per the Shard Basic Compendium page 212 left column under Step 1: Determine Individual Initiative. :)

      Originally posted by Ednoria For the second one, it would be

      2 + Combat Instinct Rank

      Combat actions are rolled like other action dice. Your suggestion omits the average of Agility and Dexterity per page 212 right hand column under Step 2: Determine Combat Actions. :)

      Not trying to be difficult here but I'm going by RAW. If you houseruled it as something else, that's cool by me.

      Happy gaming!

    • I agree with everything you said! What I mean is, you have to re-roll that 1d6 every time for Initiative. So that number could be anything from 1 to 6. But Agility + Fast Reflexes doesn't change (well, not often anyway).

      So let's say my jánah has an Agility of 4, and no Fast Reflexes. In the box I would put 4. The text underneath would say Agility + Fast Reflexes Rank, because that is what is IN THE BOX. I guess I'm saying that the text underneath should tell you what is in the box, instead of telling you how to roll Initiative. BUT I can see it either way.

      Same thing for Combat Actions. You ALWAYS get 2+Combat Instinct actions, that is fixed and doesn't usually change during a session. But you have to re-roll (Agility+Dexterity)/2 every time to find out how many other Combat Actions you get. So once again, I was saying to make the text match the box.

      Not trying to be difficult here either! Like I said I have players that have trouble figuring out what is fixed and what they have to roll, so that would be helpful for MY game. Probably not as helpful for YOURS! :P

      Anyway, it's great the way it is! My players had fun using them, and I thank you once again for the idea.