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    • Believe it or not, I'm still around, and things are still getting done, but Aaron is no longer involved with the company, having chosen to pursue other interests right as we were beginning to ramp up into the full-scale re-write and production of the "Magic and Martial Arts" book. He offered to sell me his half of the IP and LLC, and I realized that if SHARD was to have a chance to continue, it would need to pass fully into my hands. I took his offer, made the purchase, and am now moving forward at a snail's pace.... BUT,....I am a hair's breadth away from having the next book complete!

      It's understandable that he needed to seek other opportunities, because of this being a somewhat niche market with a tough road to generate profit, but it came at a time when the production process really needed more than just my attention, so I had to scale back on how much I could attend to SHARD's needs. That, and the fact that I also had to seek supplemental employment, meant that any SHARD production had to go on an extreme backburner for awhile (with me literally working on it only one day a week, much to my sadness).

      Forgive my relative silence, but there is more to come about this very soon! Editing and final Indexing for the "Magic and Martial Arts" book is happening at this very moment! I honestly can't wait to share with you the beautiful goodness that has been achieved for this coming book, and the "World Guide" which is already in the works...

      Life WILL be breathed back into the ghost-ship YET!!!

      Scottie ^^
    • Let us join hands and sing! Hurrah! Hurrah!

      My Faith has won out! Wait till I tell everyone at Emerald Knights (Comic Book Store/RPG Place for anyone who doesn't know)

      I was planning to feature some Zoics and the world of Dardundah in a fanfiction on Fanfiction.Net that is sort of like a massive crossover of different fandoms including Ninja Turtles, Batman and Steven Universe...I don't want to spoil too much before even starting this story arc but when looking through the basic compendium's glossary I decided to write a story based on the three species examples given for the definition of Jenu (Cobra, Mockingbird and Wolverine and create characters around my interpretations of the illustration of those species in that book, so the Cobra will be a Minor Lord or Ahrah , the Wolverine will be a Member of the Hardazi Tribes and the Mockingbird will be an Honor Guard (I realize that in adventures put up n this forum the Mockingbird character is a Weapon's Master, I decided to make her an Honor Guard)
    • It will take some time but if anyone is interested in my Anthro Filled Fanfiction without Zoics here is a link to my portfolio
      Anyone who want to review my fanfiction please feel free to do so

      I am still currently working on what I call the 'The Mutant Rots' Arc which detail how the Mutant Animals manage to win civil liberties the Zoics won't be able to appear until after an event that I call 'Donatello's Wedding' (Which I would advertise as slightly less traumatic then the Red Wedding, more traumatic then the average Disney Wedding)
    • For those of you who'd like more of the full story pertaining to why Shard Studios is only now coming back "online" again, please check out the recent announcement here: Salutations from Shard! ...An Explanation...An Introduction...and Moving Forward...

      This sums it up as well as I was able to, and gives a bit more understanding of past history too, along with a more formal introduction of my new business partner Andrew, and some great insight into what we're in the middle of finishing now and what we'll be focusing on next! ^^
    • Whill wrote:

      Is there anybody out there... there... there?

      That "echo" effect was the best, Whill... So sorry for the silence over the last few years, but check out the recent messages and announcements, and you'll see why Shard Studios has been so very quiet for awhile now... We've been through a lot of changes recently, and hopefully you'll look forward to what's coming next! See that last post I made in this thread for a link to the whole story....

      I'm almost done with the very final read-through of the "Magic and Martial Arts" book before it gets indexed, has its last bit of art implanted to replace the placeholders, and then gets sent to the printer! Once that's taken care of I intend to come back here to the forums and put up a number of "teaser pieces" to show you what parts of the new book contain!

      Be well Whill, and thanks for sticking with us!

      Scottie ^^
    • Sherbie wrote:

      Still swinging by once in a while. :)
      Would be cool to hear some news, but I assume things just has been too busy for them?

      Sherbie!!! I just wanted to specifically call out to you and express my thanks for remaining so supportive even during the huge gulf of silence that I had to fall into for awhile... I really am sorry about that... In one of my most recent message I've linked to an announcement I just made on these forums concerning the whole explanation as to why, an introduction of my new business partner, and some details about what's coming next!

      I also wanted to tell you personally how VERY thankful both my new partner Andrew and I were for the handy fill-in Animal Template you created.... That became an essential tool for us, as Andrew did the lion's-share of work getting the new 90 Animal Templates needed to finish the "Magic and Martial Arts" book that is about to go to print!!!! Andrew's away on a trip to California, but when he returns he said he wanted to get in touch with you directly to thank you personally as well!

      Scottie ^^