How to Shard

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    • How to Shard

      So I was at Emerald Knights, my local Comic Book Store/Place you can Play RPGs I was bored and asked for some blank paper, I got four sheets I had been trying to sell my peers the idea of Shard for some time, mostly everyone just plays D&D so I doodled this possible idea for a webcomic 'How to Shard' I was imagining this idea being to Shard what The Order of the Stick is to D&D

      So we start with our player a guy named Dan meeting his DM for a one on one session, Dan is playing Rakshah a Mighty Wolf...Lens Maker (A lot of Fantasy Stories focus on either Nobility/Royalty heroes or Lowly Peasant Farmers like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars I was wondering about a Fantasy where the hero is a very middle-of-the-road Trade Caste Artisan) So Rakshah is about to open up his shop for the day when out of the sky drops a Fruit Bat Zoic Stark Naked and bleeding heavily, Rakshah doesn't speak the language of Bats but even if he did the Fruit Bat is currently in no condition to talk. The nearest Jenu who can heal is the neighborhood Physician (Not Holy Caste Doctor) A Giant Panda Woman named Pura Rakshah takes the Bat to Pura and she immediately starts to operate while Rakshah waits in the lobby for a long while, Finally Pura comes forth revealing the Bat's condition is currently stable and that it was lucky the Wolf brought him in when he did. She pulled something from the Bat's left calf, something she had never seen before, something very small and made entirely out of metal! Neither of them have any way of knowing this is a bullet from Earth

      I liked the idea Gyrmmly had about what if the corporate ship appeared in Darundah in the present day...This is sort of the Campaign I'm hinting at with the short skit I doodled on printer paper