Got a book of writing prompts for Christmas

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    • Got a book of writing prompts for Christmas

      So...Got a book of Writing Prompts for Christmas and have had no trouble writing in the prompts

      In some of the prompts I have started working out a Shard-Based story that I might turn into a full fledged story and put on or something, While trying to work with the prompt as closely as possible (When I read these prompts I know they assume in most of them you would write a story with human characters but as a Full Fledged Furry I simply substitute Anthro Animals for Hoomins)

      Anyway piecing together pieces, we start with the Honor Guard Komodo Dragon Slayzar (I'm not that good with Asian Names so I'm doing the best I can) Who visits an Inn called The Rusty Hook, meets a flirtatious Black Mamba Bar Maid and orders a mug of the finest ale, the Mamba retrieves the ale from the cellar not noticing a shadowy figure tampering with some pipes to leak gas (This is probobly out of Shard's actual technology range, but in my imagination for this story something very mysterious is speeding up the Janah's technological advancement)

      No sooner does Slayzar receive his drink then the Beer Cellar explodes in a huge ball of fire and smoke sending Slayzar flying

      Slayzar is mostly unhurt but the Black Mamba Barmaid has some pretty nasty burns,she is taken to the hospital along with several burned victims to be treated.

      For some reason Slayzar visits this Maid whose name e does not know at the hospital, she reveals she is actually a sunborn pretending to be lower class then she actually is Liama she is an Heir from an Incredibly Minor House in Slayzar's homeland (Which I've decided is Visedhárah) who decided some time ago that it was a good idea to inbreed to increase 'purity' (We're talking Game of Thrones level of brother-sister inbreeding here) This resulted in some severe insanity with her Mom who was extremely violent with everyone else, so Liama and her Brother (Who I have yet to find a name for) Ran away from home and split up to be harder to find Liama went to Gilarhi which she thought would be the last place anyone would look for a Lethal Serpent

      Knowing she is actually a sunborn, Lovestruck Slayzar decides he wants to marry this poor girl, he looks for a sutible gift to propose with, a Whiptail Lizard Jeweler suggests an exceptionally lustrous green crystal, that is when her Brother arrives and announces what she actually wants is a sword he found on his own travels which was a long lost family heirloom, he asks where his sister is and Slayzar tells him she's in the hospital

      During the night the Rusty Hook was set ablaze, it seems during the distraction, the son of the current Isvar of Gilarhi has been kidnapped, the current Isvar is a Red Fox named Rukh, his wife is a Mink, the son that has been kidnapped is the one who is the Fox, however the next day when making a speech, Rukh says the name of his Mink son Kor by mistake, really bad because Kor was standing beside him at the time...It seems to Isvar deliberately had his beloved son kidnapped for some reason, and everyone turns on him

      That is as far as I've gotten