Paksin Life

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    • Worry not.... The very next book after the MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE will have much more information not only about the major Jenu types but more importantly the many different regions which they occupy including an expanded explanation about each, which will include things like the ruling castes and major imports and exports before finally giving a bit of fiction from the view point of an actual inhabitant of that region which will give a first hand idea of the general mindset and attitude regarding other regions... Allowing you to add in the details related to a particular animal type as well as characteristics unique to your own character to create a character with many layers of complexity which should produce truly unmatched gaming experiences...
      I will say that you should be aware that most PAKSIN believe they are superior due to being capable of flight, and as such will purposefully design elite areas and cities exclusively for themselves, leaving those bound to the ground to have little choice but to observe them from below.
      I encourage you to elaborate on the things that you may know about birds, including their courtship dances, sharp eyesight, light bone structure, colorful natures, tendency to mate for life, beautiful voices, ability to move far faster by flying than walking or even running Janah and use these strengths to add flavor to this race on the world of SHARD, because I can assure you these are taken into account in the ways that those of this race react towards others...
    • Say WHAT!!!!! Get ready to fasten your seat belt and have the experience of your life!!! Once you receive the book let me know, as I am sure there will be a great deal of excitement and possibly more questions to be answered.... This will make things so much more simple because you will have at your disposal.... your own handy copy of the basics of the game.... which will reveal a great deal more about the world of SHARD!!! Even though the BASIC HANDBOOK will only contain a third of the content we have to reveal... it is enough that you are able to improvise on other details or come here to the online forum for clarification as you begin to experiment with campaign ideas or design characters for your self.... The BASIC COMPENDIUM does contain the core rules in the simplest form and allows you to be able to make adjustments as we present additional content such as the more advanced rules contained in the MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE, and more information about the fictional aspects of the world itself which will be presented in the up and coming WORLD GUIDE... I have to admit the epic fiction contained in the basic book is so good that I find myself re-reading it from time to time just for the sake of entertainment and to fuel my concepts for future characters... It is but an appetizer for the feast of goodness to come however as we dish out the tidbits which will keep you awake at night waiting for me or someone else to log on to the forum and have discussions about the endless possible things a person with an imaginative mind such as yours will undoubtedly want to discuss!!!
      Be sure to give me a shout out when it arrives and periodic updates as you make your way from cover to cover... Also feel free to let us know which things you like the most so we can be better informed as we crank out the WORLD GUIDE, if we hear some things that you really like we may be able to pay special attention to related topics in the future, provided we have the space and within our budget.
      I can not put into words how happy I am to hear that you will soon become an authentic part of the SHARD group of players with all the information the books have at your disposal as well as continued access to the online forum which has been infinitely more fun since you have graced us with your continued presence!!!
      Until the next time!!!
      Good night and sleep tight!!!
    • Well the wait is over!!!! Most of the templates you named are waiting to be examined within the pages of the Magic and Martial Arts Guide... Which I am happy to announce will be available very soon indeed.... We are already have the finished product in stock from the printers and are working on offering a limited time special offer for those who order first.... It will be announced here on the forum so stay tuned!!!