First Fanfiction.Net Story to have a Dardunah Character

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    • First Fanfiction.Net Story to have a Dardunah Character

      So far no Janah have entered the story yet, in this story only one Janah Character will be of any importance to this story my Danish Landrace Sow Character Si'Ni she will essentially be a window into Dardunah Culture for the other characters she meets as well as any audience members who don't know about Shard. She will play an important role as the foil for two character introduced in chapter 3 a Female Mole and Male Ring--Neck Snake who were brutally hurt by Humanity and feel great trepidation towards Humans and Technology Si'Ni who has been kidnapped from Dardunah is equally freaked out by the Humans and this strange Place where it seems almost every night Trawmaystra. But as a completely civilized being albeit from from a culture that is less technologically advanced then 20th century Earth she reacts to ordanary modern day things as if they were miracles

      Si'Ni: I can't believe you Humans actually have machines that wash your clothes.
      Human: We have Machines that dry them too.
      Si'Ni: Between this an indoor plumbing this would cut back a lot of outcaste jobs

      This fanfic Crossover is put in the Ninja Turtles section but it has two Prominent Batman Villains Reformed and each working with his respective Son. and as the Prologue in the first chapter states this is basically a 'Fan-Sequel' to the William Kotzwinkle Novella Doctor Rat the Introduction states my reasons for writing this
    • I think it is a good idea to include SHARD RPG in any other avenues which seem fitting to you as a player, In this way it allows the name of our brand and its concepts to be more widely circulated.... and the more circulation the better for us all as a role playing family. I know that there are many people who are as of yet uninformed about the game SHARD, and if we can only reach a percentage of them, it will make finding people interested in participating in a game so much easier for us all...
      GREAT JOB AND THANKS FOR BEING PROACTIVE about your enthusiasm for this game!!!
    • I have no battery life, and my wire decided to slip out of my computer as I was writing a spoiler...Act of the Devah?

      So...I guess here is something I want to explain about my fics...My Fics are Musicals...Not Song Fics which often has characters just singing pop songs Karaoke Style...Years ago I read a Bambi Fanfiction called 'The Madness of Prince Ronno' which acted like an actual Musical with characters singing songs relevant to the plot...It was revolutionary to me sadly the author decided to take it down...Along with all her other stories...But....

      The Dimension of First Earth is a serious look at what TV Tropes calls the first I dimension where spontaneous bursts into song and dance are commonplace and no one questions it (It would be quite rude to question it...It only seems random to outsiders, the Natives know when 'The Music' comes down from the sky its always for a bloody good reason, and people sing when it is time for them to sing)

      Shard being a Game obviously isn't operating under this principle (Most People aren't also impromptu lyricists) But re-reading how important Music is to Dardunah is the Janah being considered a gift from Great Mother herself...What would you think for strictly the purpose of this fanfic the Dardunah becomes a 'Tuniverse' (Mikey's term a Musical Universe) I mean the movie Bambi which is what the fanfic I got this idea from was based on the characters never sang in the actual movie but they did in the fanfic...Ultimately it is my choice but what would you think if the one thing the Janah are not freaked out by from the outsiders is spontaneous song and dance

      They might be freaked out by the exact kind of music they are hearing...As Earth 6 in in the 70s the Janah might be exposed to the Bee Gees 'Stayin Alive' 'Bad Boy Leeroy Brown' and the infamous 'Brand New Key'
    • I have replied to this three times already and in each case I must have made some type of mistake because I am not seeing the response on this feed... I hope it goes through this time... ?(

      I would say that during the games that SCOTT game masters the musical scores he chooses are of utmost importance to the over all theme of the game itself in a way that transcends even pieces of art... Indeed he has often said that if a picture is worth a thousand words then music is worth a million.... and I could not agree more.... Having the correct music for a particular scene in the game helps players to connect emotionally to the situations being presented in a way that is difficult to match with other tools....

      That being said I would like to go further and say that the ideas you have for your fiction are both bold and innovative and I would be interested to hear how well it is received by the group you are presenting it to.... I will also caution that finding the correct music may be the biggest challenge to achieve success.... I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing how it works for you...

      Lastly consider adding music to the games you host as a way to get familiar with as broad a selection of musical scores as you can.... this will only help you with your own personal project as well as with any game mastering you decide to do as part of the SHARD FAMILY...
    • The Fic is at Fanfiction.Net for anybody to read, I posted it in this thread.

      The Musical Fics is...Well I'm writing the characters singing songs (I'm not a great lyricist so like the fanfic that inspired this idea The Madness of Prince Ronno the songs are either songs from other musicals or Pop Songs with sometimes lyrics slightly tweaked to fit the characters situation)

      One instance has a character sleep singing because his dreams are being haunted by an angry Mutant Insect Ghost and the character sings the song in his dream to pacify the Insect Spirit and but also unintentionally as she sleep sings and sleep waltzes his sad ballad of sorrow, regret and love provides much needed catharsis for the Ninja Turtles

      Providing a link to that very chapter to show you how my 'Musical Fics' work no actual song unless you're playing the song the chapter song is based upon to listen to as you read it...It simply is a written in song similar to Lord of the Rings and The Last Unicorn

      Sadly the voice of Scarecrow from Batman the Animated Series Henry Polic II is in fact dancing on the edge of heaven he was an actual baritone singer so I don't think it would be as awkward for the Batman Characters to sing as it would be for the 2003 Ninja Turtles to

      This is a pretty good male cover to the Luna's Reply the song the chapter is based on...When I heard this I could easily imagine this would be how Scarecrow sounded to the Turtles

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    • While Revenants of Dark Earth is when Dardunah officially debuts I would like everyone to know that it is a continuation of the Mutant Riots Arc and if you don't read what came before I lot of what will happened in the Revenants Story won't make sense to you

      Here in order is The Mutant Riots the first and admittedly weakest tale in the quartet it really is more set up than anything

      Dreams and Nightmares Come True takes place almost entirely in the Humanimal Realm of 'First Earth' it does establish First Earth Culture and progress Character Development for both OCs and Canon Characters

      Battle for the Earth is the one I take most pride in...It is to this quartet what The Empire Strikes Back is to the original Star Wars Trilogy

      And the one that at this point still yet to be completed The Tearing of the Veil the purpose of this story is mostly to wrap up most of the thread left (Though I realize some threads are still left) the main heroes and heroines complete character arcs and characters who were mostly relegated to the 'peanut gallery' finally get some individual development
    • Hopefully I should have both 'The Mutation of Nubs' and Donatello's Wedding' done before Autumn so I can finally move beyond the 'Revenants' prologue in time for World Animal Day (October 4th)

      I guess now I should place my 'trigger warning' while I know Shard is supposed to be a family friendly game and the Forum is to reflect that...I know those rules need not apply to my personal fiction...So to anyone who wants to read Revenants of Dark Earth I will warn you here...Do to the subject matter of the story (Vivisection and Man's Inhumane Treatment of Animals) this Story will be rife with copious amounts of body horror, vulgar references to bodily functions, Characters with no body modesty walking around naked and some characters who do have body modesty but for various reasons have sometimes no choice but to do things with no clothes, unresolved plot threads from the stories that came before this one will be serious discussions about rape and sexual assault and how one can move beyond such trauma and various characters cussing and swearing like Soldiers (Because most of the characters will be soldiers/warriors of one form or another)

      So be warned to anyone who has kids who are fans of TMNT/Batman you might want to keep them away from this story as this will be a DARK story while ultimately with a happy ending will be like if Don Bluth made an NC-17 Animated Movie