Announcement The "Magic and Martial Arts" book is now COMPLETE!

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    • The "Magic and Martial Arts" book is now COMPLETE!

      I have excellent news, everyone!!!

      The Magic and Martial Arts book is finally CONTENT COMPLETE!!!! As of yesterday, every bit of content, loads of new and exceptional art, and the copious amount of additional material we've added to the book (literally more than a hundred pages of extra material), have now been incorporated into the final finished InDesign document, and we're now doing one last read-through to spot-check for errors before getting our final printing quote and sending it off to the printer for production!!!

      It will take about 12 weeks for us to get our hands on the hard-copies of the books, but we intend to have the PDFs available long before that!

      Thanks so much for the incredible patience you have all shown... Though it was certainly unfortunate that Shard Studios ended up having to essentially halt all production for several years while dealing with circumstances surrounding the economy, Aaron and I taking other full-time jobs, followed by Aaron's departure from the company, and my subsequent purchase of the IP for SHARD itself,...eventually Andrew joining me as a new partner was unbelievably valuable in the efforts and support necessary to bring the SHARD RPG back to life once again!

      Now that all the legal hurdles and months of laborious work have been a success, and we're fully up and running once more, it's so gratifying to see the results of his support and incredibly diligent efforts in laboring with me to get this book completed... And, of course, I must also mention with pride the additional work provided by good friends such as Griffin, my friend Robie, and many others, in seeing the production of Magic and Martial Arts through to a grand finish!

      This new book is truly a thing of beauty!

      We're so excited!!!

      Scottie ^^
    • Yes, the time is nearly here to be able to enjoy all the tasty treats we have been occupied with for these last months! I myself cannot wait to hear each of your feedback as you experience a greater level of understanding regarding the truly fantastic nature of both the magic system and the martial arts which are soon to be available to you!
    • Hello and welcome back to the Forum!

      I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding the game and can be found here at least three times per week in general, sometimes more often as the need may dictate.

      It gives me great pleasure to say that indeed you are correct. The book will be made available as a PDF on drivethrurpg as soon as we can completely upload it onto that site... In addition it will be available in just about 2 months through Studio 2 publishing. What that means is that around the end of May or start of June you will be able to make your purchase, with the PDF available in perhaps a month!

      I am confident you will find it to be well worth the wait. There are 90 new Animal Templates featured as well as 35 different Martial fighting Styles... along with much more detailed information regarding how combat works as well as an equally detailed explanation about how magic works including expanded magic ritual details...

      This book is truly a work of art...

      Please say tuned and active on the forum for up to date information and also feel free to bring any questions to our attention.
      Once again we here at Shard Studios would like to welcome you back to our forum and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future!
    • Targath wrote:

      Is the Magic and Martial Arts book going to be released as a PDF on drivethrurpg around the same time as the physical book or perhaps a little sooner to garner some interest? Just curious as I do intend to buy the physical book when it becomes available.

      Hey Targath! Good to see you again!

      Sorry it's been fairly lifeless here for such a long time... It took awhile to get things settled with Aaron, my former business partner. But now that things are back up and running again with my new partner Andrew, we've actually made excellent progress not only in getting our second hard-cover book out, but we've also started work to finish up the "World Guide" as well! It's all very exciting!

      Anyway, just as griffin mentioned above, the hardcover book should be at our warehouse and available for purchase by the beginning of June, and the PDF may be available as soon as a month from now! We may even be running a special on a package that combines both the PDF as well as the book, much as we do with the "Basic Compendium"...

      Please let me know if you have any other questions, and feel free to check out some of the newer form content, and keep in touch with us through our Facebook page too!

      Scottie ^^
    • We are now working on the final core book which is called... THE WORLD GUIDE!
      This book will contain more detailed information about the world of SHARD itself including fiction which addresses the different regions as well as the politics of the world. It also goes into great detail about the properties of unique crystals and medicines, and last but not least will include a new system for creating new creatures to both enrich your fictional story line and challenge your gaming party.
      Stay tuned for updates!