Some Art and Fiction from the upcoming Magic and Martial Arts book!

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    • Some Art and Fiction from the upcoming Magic and Martial Arts book!

      To celebrate getting the Magic and Martial Arts book ready to print, here's yet another fantastic piece of artwork by one of our art contributors Kirsten Fugett... This piece will be used as the opening art for our chapter on Martial Styles, and illustrates an excellent snippet of fiction by Dylan Birtolo, who helped with large portions of the re-writes for our book in its earlier stages. I'll include it here if you'd like to check it out!:

      Rajendra was the only one still standing in the room. The wolf was panting, his chest rising and falling heavily as he put his quarterstaff down on the ground and leaned on it. He gripped it in both hands and rested his entire weight upon the weapon. Around him, several others were unconscious on the floor. More than one had a broken bone or was bleeding from a slight injury, but all of them were still breathing. The door to the room slid open, and a burly hog jánah entered. He grinned beneath his yellowed tusks as he stepped across the threshold. A large amethyst sword hung at his right side. When he entered the room, he closed the door behind him and stood with his arms crossed.

      “Impressive work with these students.” He looked down at the defeated warriors and curled his upper lip back in disgust. “It’s a shame they were so easily dismissed.”

      “You the reason for this welcome party?” Rajendra asked as he stood upright. He brushed his hand across his flattened ears to the back of his head.

      The stranger laughed heartily as he drew his translucent violet blade. “Of course! I could not pass up the chance to do battle with the renowned Rajendra.”

      “You did this just for a fight?”

      “A fight that will make me a legend!”

      The hog charged forward, bringing his weapon back and forth in a series of quick slashes. Rajendra sidestepped and evaded, using his staff to beat the crystal sword away from his body. After a few parries, he spun and whipped the back end of his staff into his assailant’s legs. They felt like solid stone when Rajendra hit them, and if the hog noticed, he gave no indication. The glittering blade cut through the air to Rajendra’s left, forcing him to step right. As soon as he made the motion, he knew it was a trap. The hog’s fist came in and struck Rajendra solidly in the chest. The force of the blow knocked the weapon from his hands and sent him soaring through the air to land against the body of a student several feet away. He shook his head to clear it, feeling the footsteps of his opponent charging across the floor.

      Rajendra rolled back onto his shoulders and planted his hands beside his head. He pushed through them, launching himself up into the air high enough to clear over the entire hog’s body. Once he was out of danger, he kicked back with his foot, catching his enemy’s head on the way down. He scrambled across the ground, barely getting out of the way of a wild backswing. Rajendra rushed towards his fallen weapon, kicking it up with his toes and catching it in both hands. He snapped his body around, leading with the staff. It whistled through empty air as he faced his opponent who had to skid to a stop to keep from being struck with the weapon.

      “Now this is a fight!” the hog bellowed as he held both hands out to his sides and flexed the corded muscles beneath his bristled hide.

      [Blocked Image:]