The World Guide

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    • The World Guide

      The World Guide is now underway!!!! We have began working hard to bring you more information related to the World of Dardunah including more history as well as a glimpse into the customs and general beliefs held by the inhabitants of all the different nations. We are even now conspiring to raise the bar to new heights as we challenge the ingenuity of our imaginations to bring you the fictional information you have requested, information which will help enable you to make your own games the stuff of legends!
      Please stay with us on this forum, to get updates on what you can expect to see. This is a great place to catch sneak glimpses into the contents of The World Guide before it becomes available for purchase to the public, so get yours first by staying tuned in!!! :thumbsup:
    • The work is proceeding well as far as the expansion of the bestiary is concerned, I believe with the new tools we are in the process of creating there will be an over abundance of unique creatures available for every occasion. We are working diligently to devise a simple way to deliver a world full of diverse creatures for each and every game style. A system which will keep player on the edge of their seats as they are able to encounter rare insectoids of every possible nature, forcing those with the knowledge skills to do so to roll and attempt to aid the party by giving information regarding the nature of these monstrosities...