Brief Mention of the Janah

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    • Brief Mention of the Janah

      Here is a brief snippet from my latest chapter in my Fanfiction The Revenants of Dark Earth, in which the Janah are discussed by the main villains. (Another brief mention is an unfortunate Human, informing the Main Villain one of the 'creatures' has escaped but there is nothing in the dialogue to indicate the creature is a Janah) the two villains is Doctor Rat the titular quisling of the Novel by William Kotzwinkle that this story is a fan-sequel to here Mutated into an anthropomorphic cyborg. and my OC Trotter and Danish Landrace Boar who is a very specific kind of Anthro Animal called a Humanimal, he is an unusually evil and twisted member of his kind. Trotter is a 'Magic Cannibal' he can gain a Spell-Caster's Power by eating them...And apparently he finds Sir'Hibas very unsatisfying (His World's Magic works more by D&D logic) His comment he's eaten 'Half a dozen' means he's eaten at least SIX Sir'Hibas at this point in the story

      FinallyDoctor Rat found Trotter

      “Thereyou are!” Doctor Rat said “I’ve been looking all over for you!Where the devil have you been?”

      “Snacking.” Trottersaid with a yawn as he pulled a bit of something (Most likely flesh)out of his teeth. “I answered your call because you promised me averitable smorgasbord of Mages and Psychics!”

      “Weren’tthose Mages from the sundered crystalline planet enough for you?!”Doctor Rat hissed

      “Puh!”Trotter snorted in disgust “A paltry meal in both meat and magic!TheWizards and Witches from that Shattered Planet only practice a verystrange form of ritual magic...And when eating them I found consumingtheir magic was like picking out the marshmallows in a box of LuckyCharms! While eating them alive and kicking, their Magic would movearound their bodies as if trying to escape my waiting jaws till itall ended up clustering in the ears or the tail. After eating half adozen of those strange Sorcerers I only regained the tiniest fractionof my mere potential!”

      “You’ll soon get a moresumptuous meal.” Doctor Rat assured him “For now we must attendother matters.”