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    • I hope this is OK

      Here is the chapter 'Enlightenment by Chocolate' I guess I'll just post the entire chapter and let you guys judge for yourselves...Tried to be as respectful as possible

      And here iswhere I reveal to Si’Ni the true origin of her people...In a meansI realize is absurd and most likely the creators (Who I speak toregularly as I’m a member of the Shard RPG’s forum) wouldprobably say Janah probably can eat chocolate if they were given it,but this is the only way Si’Ni can be with all this (What are toher) freakish creatures if she learns this great truth and the Aztecsdid say chocolate is the ‘Food of the Gods’ right? Anyway, theFlashback Si’Ni experiences is lifted directly from the first ShardBook (But Si’Ni only experiences what her first Sow ancestor wouldexperience during that time) but with her already Sapient Mind, sheis able to see far more than what her first Sow Ancestor saw thatfirst time.

      As the Pink Sow-Girl finally began to awaken, everyone was worriedthey weren’t sure what she would do...They had covered her in alarge blanket during this time for the sake of decency, and Leo andRaph had left New Eden in hopes of finding some clothes and shoes tosteal (Looking and her wounded bleeding feet told everyone that thiswasn’t a creature accustomed to walking barefoot)

      The Porcine-Girl finally opened her eyes, for a moment she simplyblinked her eyes a few times and squinted as it was already dusk andthe darkness was cloaking everyone’s faces, but then the Sow’snose twitched and the look on her face told everyone she wasremembering what had happened the moments before she was knocked out.

      She sat up screaming “GET AWAY FROM ME! DON’T TOUCH ME!” Thenshe noticed the blanket covering her and saw that if these creatureswanted to kill her or eat her they would have had plenty of time tohave done so when she was out cold.

      Don stepped forward “We mean you no harm.” He said quietly “Weonly want to help you.”

      The Sow’s nose twitched, shecould detect the scent of filth coming from this strange deformedTurtle with teeth...These creatures were probablyoutcasts...Untouchables...She now felt even more loathed to be nearthem but at the very least they weren’t trying to kill her likesome of the previous creatures she had encountered had.

      “Hmmph.” Was all the Sow could say. Listening to her translatedvoice it sounded Turkish to all the Earthling Ears...Why that was,was anyone’s guess at the moment.

      “What’s your name?” Marzipan asked

      The Sow turned to the one who asked that question, as the one who hadasked was carrying some kid of light (A flashlight, but she didn’tknow that yet) She could she the creature was some kind of longhaired cat...Who looked like she had fallen into a vat of purplepaint. (Probably another weird deformity) However this Cat-Girldidn’t smell of filth and she had these soft brown eyes and such asympathetic expression that Si’Ni couldn’t help softening alittle bit for this creature.

      “My name is Si’Ni.” The Sow said (She wasn’t sure if was safeto reveal the name of her House or Line to this creatures but Si’Niwas an extremely common female name, kind of like ‘Jane’ forEarthlings)

      Si’Ni then looked to the sky and saw the first stars were appearingin the dusk sky “By the Devah!” She exclaimed “It’shappening again!”

      “What’s happening again?”Marzipan asked, her tail floofing at the feat in Si’Ni’s voice

      “The sky!” Si’Ni pointed at the darkening sky “It’sTamaystra again tonight! The baleful eyes of demons appear again inthe sky!”

      That was when Eartha who had been on the outerrims of the Circle around the sow felt she had to intervene “Whatare you talking about?” Eartha asked “Those are just stars! Ballsof fire in the sky! Those aren’t demon eyes!”

      “Theyare so demon eyes!” Si’Ni felt herself standing to meet thisstrange Mole, (Who wasn’t wearing anything at all but Si’Nididn’t notice in the dark.

      “They are NOT demon eyes!” Eartha snarled in response feeling sheneeded to defend her beloved stars “Why would any Creature thinkthey are something dangerous?!”

      “Whoa! Whoa!” Mikey placed himself between the two Beast-Girlsseparating “Girls! Girls! Can you please calm down?”

      Si’Ni’s lip curled in disgust, another Turtle who smelled offilth had touched her, she would need to do the ritual of cleansinglater.

      “Look.” Mikey said to Eartha “Obviously Si’Ni here has beenthrough a lot...I don’t know why she thinks the stars are demoneyes but...” Mikey wasn’t sure how to finish that sentence withSi’Ni next to him able to hear him so he simply said “Why don’twe eat something?”

      At the mention of food Si’Ni’sstomach rumbled loudly she was hungry...But she was also scared...Shedidn’t know what kind of food was eaten here...And during herescape someone else tried to eat her.

      Searching through the cooler, Ichabod pulled out all the vegetarianitems.

      He found a bar of milk chocolate, only the really fancy Europeanbrands that’s really sweet and creamy, he had no idea if thesecreature would appreciate the gift of food the same way a Humanimalwould but he had to at least try.

      “Here.” Ichabod said Si’Ni recoiled she could see this Creaturewas the same kind of those strange vaguely ape-like creatures thatkidnapped her in the first place.

      “I won’t hurt you.” Ichabod said “I only wanted to give yousome food.”

      “What kind of food?” Si’Ni asked

      “Chocolate.” Ichabod said “A kind of candy “Sweet milk mixedwith the paste of a kind of bean.”

      That sounded likesomething Si’Ni would like...She hadn’t many a dessert with sweetbean paste before.

      “Well…” She said “...I suppose I could try it.”

      Ichabodunwrapped the candy bar and gave it to her.

      Si’Ni took a bite...It was good...Sweet and creamy and utterlydelicious! She took another bite...And another and another…

      Then she clutched her heart and collapsed.

      “Frick.” Ichabod said as apparently third time wasn’t thecharm...Mutant Animals could eat chocolate, Revenants could eatchocolate but apparently this kind of Anthropomorphic Animal couldn’tIchabod knew they would have to break out the stomach pump device.

      But while that was happening in the land of the living...Somethingmore extraordinary was happening in Si’Ni’s mind!

      It is here we switch to Italics for this vision

      They have launched. We have to decide.”

      Si’Ni opened her eyes again, she felt...Different...Even heavierthan normal...She looked at her hands...To her horror, she had nohands! She had hooves like a Chinti...She looked between her legs tosee her feet, her feet had been transformed into hooves too! Shescreamed in horror...And her scream was answered by...A bunch ofother Pigs all quadrupedal like she herself was...There were PinkPigs and Black Pigs and Brown Pigs, Boars and Sows all in a spacewith her.

      Si’Ni turned and looked behind her...The area behind her wasclear...Clear glass...Or something like it...Either way it was awindow she could not break through, no matter how much she threwherself against it...Taking a moment to simply look what lay beyondthis window she saw...A Cow? The Cow was also standing on all foursand had hooves for hands like herself. Si’Ni craned her neck to seethe different creatures in this strange hall...And stopped when shesaw...The Face of a Male Lion...Such a face! Could it be? Lord Kramahhimself?! He was on all fours like she was...Before him stood one ofthese strange bony vaguely ape-like creatures….a Female and anelderly one too, looking at the silvery gray hair.

      Kramah spoke, Si’Ni could not understand what he said, itwas some ancient language spoken at the beginning of time. The FemaleApe-Like creature flinched...Would Kramah break through the windowand slay the creature?”

      And that was when she heard thefirst voice she heard and the start of this experience, she was ableto comprehend his words even if she didn’t know every word he spokebut the Male voice said “Corporate security ships are coming, Yin.Do we fire the engine?”

      The Female Creature nodded atKramah, who only tilted his great head as she left. What washappening?

      Not long after...A terrible groan erupted from the walls and theair...All the other Pigs squealed and Si’Ni did as well...She heardKramah roar...A terrible thought struck her...This...This was theGreat Devourer of which the Legends spoke of!

      Then the enclosure shattered...No...Si’Ni herself shattered noit was both!

      With her remembrance of her past...Future self? She looked at herhooves as she seemed to tumble and fall endlessly..Her limbs lookedimages on a rippled pond...But little by little, bit by bit...Shefelt herself becoming her familiar self...Hooves transforming intohands and feet… ‘I am me again!’ She thought to herself as shelooked ahead and with her clearer vision. She saw...The sunderedplanet of Dardunah...The whole planet...And she saw that herself andher fellow creature were heading for one piece of it.

      All around now she could see four great transparenthands...Guiding everyone’s fall.

      Great Mother! Great Father!” She called...Now she couldsee...Great Mother and Great Father were those same creatures.

      With her eyes open she saw the great Descent to Dardunah...Thegreat trees...the jewel-like insects, the grass with blades of athousand colors...Upon this grass she landed.

      The dust stung her eyes...She wiped them, and lookedaround...There she saw Kramah...Standing erect now...In the distancehe saw her walking toward someone...A Russet Vixen...It was Krilarah!Kramah reached out her hand to her...And spoke…

      That was where her vision ended as now the stomach pumping hadfinished, the chocolate out of her system.
    • Here is the followup chapter, once again, read for yourselves

      And here iswhere we show the aftermath of Si’Ni’s ‘enlightenment’

      After pumping her stomach Ichabod shook the Pig-Girl’s shoulderstrying to wake her up.

      “Si’Ni.” Ichabod said quietly “Si’Ni, wake up.”

      TheSow’s ears flickered a bit as she heard his voice. Once again sheslowly came back to the land if the living...By now the sun had setcompletely and the stars twinkled brightly in the sky. No one knewwhat the Pig-Girl would do next.

      As she came to, Si’Ni looked at the face of the Human above her andremembered what she had just experienced in her dream...And shegasped! She realized these strange bony, vaguely Ape-Likecreatures...The ones who kidnapped her and her Fellow Janah, and alsothese who made no moves to harm her...All these were the same race asGreat Mother and Great Father...They were Gods!

      “Oh My Lord!” Si’Ni said throwing herself at Ichabod’s feet,causing him to become very confused “My body and soul is yours MyLord to do as you wish...” And with that she started kissing hisshod feet. Ichabod tried to pull away

      “Stop! Stop!” Ichabod exclaimed “What are you talkingabout?!”

      Si’Ni looked up at him, her dark eyesglimmering with tears. “I saw in my vision...” She “...A visionof ancient past of the Janah...In my vision I was four legged withhooves instead of hands or feet...I saw Kramah and Krilarah and I sawthe true Jenu of Great Mother and Great Father...They are the same asyou!”

      Instantly Ichabod saw this needed further investigation. “Si’Ni,slow down.” Ichabod said “I am no God but a mortal boy...”Ichabod rubbed his face “...A lot of your words I don’t even knowwhat you’re saying...I have an idea...You can show me what youexperienced while you were out cold with this thing we have called‘Memory-Sharing Through Skin Contact’ we weren’t born with thisability it was given to us by...Someone else...For you to be able toyour memories with me, I or someone else who already has the giftmust share a memory with you.”

      Ichabod clasped Si’Ni’shand “This is always strange the first time you experience it.”He said to her “You will experience everything I experienced...Beprivy to all my thoughts that day.”

      Si’Ni nodded

      Ichabod of course didn’t want to traumatize her anymore than shealready was, so if shard with her an extremely mundane, mildlypleasant memory, of when he was a relatively young boy. (Around sevenyears old) having a tea party with his two fellow Rogue’s childrenAlice and Pandora.

      Experiencing this memory Si’Ni really did see that these Creatureswere very much like Janah...As children they play and experiencingIchabod’s thoughts she realized these Creatures like Janah oftenyearn for more, as she sensed even when playing with friends...Hefelt alone.

      As Ichabod ended the memory. Si’Ni seemed much calmer

      “I see what you mean.” She said “You are as you say, not a Godbut an ordinary mortal...In my vision...I saw Great Mother wasinitially in the form of a frail elderly Grandmother...But later Isaw both her’s and Great Father’s hands gigantic and transparent.

      Don and Leo looked at each other...They were becoming more and moreintrigued by this.

      “Can we...” Don said “...Can we see this vision aswell?”

      Si’Ni? Turned to Ichabod, “Can they dothat?”

      “Many people can receive the same memory fromone person, if they are all touching the same person.” Ichabod said“Are you all right with that?”

      Si’Ni looked at thetwo Turtles, she was initially disgusted by them, but now she sawthem as Creatures like herself...Lonely for some reason.

      “How many want to see my vision?” She asked

      The ones who most wanted to see her vision was Leo and Don, EdwardGreen and Edward Nygma and Jonathan Crane. The rest hung back theywere a bit intimidated by the words of this Strange Sow.

      Si’Ni clasped Ichabod’s hand, the rest touched various spots onher head and neck.

      And with that she shared with them the vision she experienced. Forall the Earth People looking at what this vision was...Everyone couldsee it was some kind of futuristic menagerie...On some kind of SpaceCraft. They herd the voice of ‘Great Father’ to them his voicesounded Hindi...And looking at ‘Great Mother’ from what theycould see of her features...She seemed East Asian...Probably Chinese.

      Of course the journey to ‘Dardunah’ was quite amazing...Seeingthe sundered planet for themselves...They could see why Si’Ni foundEarth so completely Alien.”

      As everyone pulled away they looked at Si’Ni. “I have never beena religious man...” Jonathan said “...But I can believe thatsomehow...Some way...Your Great Mother and Great Father truly didbecome Gods.”

      Si’Ni finally then noticed what she was wearing, as they hadfinally managed to find clothes for her while her stomach was pumped.She also had shoes on her feet…

      “What is this dress?”She asked it was white above and blue below, low cut that showed hercleavage, which normally she didn’t like but at the moment she hadother things on her mind.

      “It was something we stole from some traveling performers.” Leosaid

      “Specifically...” Jonathan said “...It is something we on Earthwould call a ‘Beer Maiden’ dress...It is a traditional outfit ofa yearly celebration where Maidens often serve beer.”

      “I see.” Si’Ni. “In my home of Dardunah...I was a Cook in theTea House owned by my family.”

      “You’re a Cook?” Marzipan asked “I’m a bit of a Cookmyself.”

      And thus Si’Ni became acquainted with the variousCreatures...Except for Eartha and Ringo...They had went away to sleepearly.

      I think thisis a good place to stop. More of Si’Ni’s story and other thingswill be revealed next chapter