Up on the Housetop...Is that a Devah?!

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    • This is wonderful news! I cannot wait for you to get the new book. The latest book has all sorts of information in it, which I am sure you will enjoy. You should never be concerned that you are pestering anyone on this forum, we are happy to have you helping to keep the forum alive. The questions you ask are always very interesting and they give us the opportunity to discuss things which would not normally be provided before they are released in the up and coming books and promotional material.... This gives us a chance to offer tiny amounts of content to our fans and inspires them to remain active and present upon this forum. I am sure that many of the very things that you ask are questions or concerns which other players of our game may be curious about but perhaps have not had the opportunity to ask. The other Janah templates I am sure will be all that you hope for and more. We devoted a great deal of time towards the choosing of which animals to represent so as to give the broadest reference base for consideration in the process of creating obscure animals which may have escaped our notice for this book. However if there is a question, concern or need for advice we fully intend to always be available on this forum to provide as much guidance as any of our game family needs.
      Please let me know when you get the book, I am curious to hear your feedback and to discuss its contents with you here in online...