Tell me some Campaign Stories

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    • Tell me some Campaign Stories

      Since I still haven't found anyone who will play an Anthro Animal Game of any kind with me (Yet) I sit here yearning for some Elder to tell me some bedtime stories to send me to sleep.

      I know there is that post-apocalyptic campaign that he doesn't want to reveal too much about, and I read Endoria's campaign stories from her website...But I hunger for more stories that take place in Dardunah
    • I can say that the hunger you feel will be satisfied in the up and coming World Guide which has fantastic stories and fiction explaining many of the everyday events upon the world of the false dawn.

      It will even contain fiction from the perspective of different nations explaining how they feel and see the other nations of the world, not to mention give insight about how trade is accomplished....

      In time we will be presenting short run adventures which are similar to mini modules for our devoted fans, but as for now we are using the majority of our time to ensure that the World Guide contains as much information as possible, and satisfies as many of the wants and desires of our followers as we possibly can. We do not take the loyalty our fans have shown us lightly, and strive continuously to meet and exceed the expectations of those who support us by delivering quality in every aspect of our game.