Rough Estimation: Janah Dietary Restrictions Population Density

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    • Rough Estimation: Janah Dietary Restrictions Population Density

      Just a thought I had, since in my fiction my 'Humanimal' characters if they are descended from primarily Herbivorous Animals remain Herbivorous to the point they are nauseated by the smell of meat "It reminds me of death" I know the certain Janah Iguanas and apparently Koalas are more likely to have the 'dietary restriction drawback' than others but the game states that it is possible for any Janah herbivore, carnivore, blood-drinking vampire bat to have unique dietary restrictions one question I've been thinking about is...How common would this be in Janah society? Like I know the aforementioned Iguanas and Kolas have this drawback or suggested drawback, but for me personally if I was playing any herbivorous-descended Janah like a Deer or a Kangaroo I would take the Herbivorous Diet drawback simply because it's just a thing of mine, I like to keep my herbivores herbivorous

      Just wondering like since this is clearly a thing that exists in Janah, how common is it for Janah to have dietary restrictions? Is it possible it is hereditary?
    • Hey there!

      Sure! Such a restriction certainly could be a hereditary thing, especially if you weave it into your character's history for the sake of role-play!

      I'm not sure we have any factors of how "common" it is in the world, because each GM will run their campaign differently. But my short answer would be, such restrictions should be as common as the GM would like to create cool interactions scenes... Mulefoot will be chiming in a bit later with some cool ideas he has concerning such interactions...

      Happy New Year!

      Scottie ^^