Si'Ni Devah of Manga?

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    • Si'Ni Devah of Manga?

      So...Over the course of Si'Ni's time on Earth with the Ninja Turtles and various other characters Michelangelo introduces her to comic books and afterwards after she and all the surviving Janah return to Dardunah, as she was the one who escaped and learned the language of the captors everyone pleads with her to tell them what happened, Si'Ni struggles with telling the tale without revealing 'upsetting' revelations and Janah of Sunborn and Holy Caste who were captured are doing various things from making statues of her in their respective areas to offering to elevate her in caste Si'Ni however can only think of the friends she made on Earth and wants to return to the ones she feels truly understand her

      Between the time Si'Ni returns to Dardunah in The Heart of Life and when she returns in The Secret Ring of Honor, at night when everyone else in her house is asleep, Si'Ni begins to try to tell her story (With several 'edits' and 'euphemisms' to hide things she knows would upset her fellow Janah) Finding herself drawing with ability she never had before (Is there a Devah of Art and/or visual art in particular, if so Si'Ni can claim that Devah is guiding her hand as she draws) And in doing so in the comic book format she was exposed to, I had to laugh at the idea of Si'Ni creating what is essentially Dardunah's very first Manga and knowing Osamu Tezuka is known as the 'God of Manga' how blasphemous would it be Si'Ni to be called Goddess of Manga? She leaves it when she leaves her family in secret as her her way of explaining to everyone what she experienced and a kind of 'Exile-Note' as she says 'I've changed too much I can no longer stay in Dardunah'

      The Comic Book is taken to the Inspired Society (Credit to the Forum Member who thought of this group) where one member a Gecko Poet named Sundra sees it's potential and using it as a storyboard is able to create a play to explain to everyone what happened, creating a new kind of theater that is half Medieval Mystery Play and Half Theatrical Newsreel as this is an attempt to recreate very recent events (Sundra does further 'editing' to soften some things that she also Janah would find unpalatable) Sundra becomes so intrigued and looking for a way to escape an arranged marriage with a Sarpah Gentleman she absolutely detests, searches for Si'Ni's path to Earth and she later tells the Sow that the Plays have caused Janah to start 'cosplay' as the various 'Blue Sky Janah' she meet on her travels

      Case in point that cosplay is older than Anime/Comic Book Conventions