Practice Creating a Character

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    • Practice Creating a Character

      I love the idea behind Shard unfortunatly I don't own the Basic Compendium I have been reading through the PDF 4shared (Which seems to have vanished) Hopefully Magic and Martial Arts will be available for Christmas so I can get both for Christmas so I can have all species templates to choose from

      But I'm a bit rusty with RPG, I haven't played in several months so...I was hoping with anyone could walk me through the character creation process...
    • Oooohhh,...that's a tough process to try to explain here, and it's not really something we offer through the forums or downloads, even through the downloadable "Welcome Book", since Character Creation is essentially the "engine" of the game that's meant to be available only through the "Basic Compendium"...

      However, barring what would have to end up being an enormous conversation (since entire game sessions at the beginning of campaigns are often taken up with character creation alone), what I can provide is the several-page summary of how to fill out one's Character Sheet, which is practically a step-by-step set of instructions and tips that lead you through character creation by telling you which sections of the "Basic Compendium" to reference, and visual examples of a typical character sheet as it's filled in...


    • Thanks for posting the character creation sheets for me to look at Scott! Hopefully by Christmas I'll have my own Hard Copy.

      If you don't mind I'll practice with a demo character in this thread simply to see how this works

      Player's Name: Teenage Mutant Sarpah (OK if I don't place my real name?)

      Character's Name: Si'Ni
      House: To be filled in Later
      Linage: To be filled in later
      Nationality: Nilam
      Profession: Cook (Secretly wants to be a Storyteller Though)
      Social Standing: Low Range? I guess
      Jenu (Zoic): Domestic Pig: Breed Danish Landrace
      Age: 18 Height: 5'3 Weight: 185 Lbs (This is my actual weight in RL would it be proper weight for a Pig Zoic?)
      Sex: Female (Same as myself)
      Tattoos, Brandings Distinguishing Marks: Her Autism and dislike of being touched in certain ways has caused her to furiously resist and form o tattooing or branding, she does have a curious birthmark between her eyes a reddish mark that vaguely resembles a sun.
      Habitual Mannerisms: When she dreaming an idea for a story (Which is often) She has a habit of talking to herself saying what her characters lines and often waves her arms wildly while 'playing her character' She's gotten better over the years of not doing this when other Janah are around,frequently while cooking at her family's restaurant she mutters ideas quietly to herself as she cooks
      House Dress: Frequently likes to wear in addition to her blue Caste Braids, a Dress of blue and white which bears and eerie similarity to a Western German 'Beer Maiden' Outfit (Not saying it's the same, just very similar)

      Characteristics (Temporarily leaving these blank until I can make sure what maximum numbers are for Pig Zoics so I don't choose a number over them)

      Animal Abilities:
      Tracking Scent
      Wide Peripheral
      Gnawing Teeth
      (That's as many as I could remember from the Pig Zoic)

      Virtuoso (Storytelling)
      Status: Caste: Trade Asset: Currently lives with family (Doesn't know many Janah outside of family due to being a shut-in)

      Gluttonous (Eats often to soothe emotional woes)
      Short tempered (Can't stand to be insulted)
      Vengeful (Often wants revenge after being insulted)
      Insomnia (Seems to get her best inspiration at night, falls asleep late and often sleep through false dawn missing morning prayers, her family keeps this a secret from everyone else)
      History: At current time, Si'Ni is still living with her family earning her keep cooking for her family's restaurant her Social Awkwardness Caused by her Autism causes her family to feel she shall never be married (Which to Si'Ni's Mind is a good thing as she seems to be both asexual and doesn't like to be touched (At least in certain specific ways at certain times, she does accept the touch of the masseurs and groomers she knows and trusts, she prefers them to touch her more then her own family)

      Caste: Trade Caste: Patron Devah Vavi'il
      (Borrowed Vavi'il from Sherbie Cults, Organisations & Gatherings of Dárdünah as a Goddess of Storytelling would probobly be the Goddess Si'Ni worships)
    • For a person who says they are a bit rusty with RPG'S you seem to have the knack of creating a character pretty well in hand, so to speak....
      I was visiting with Scott the other day and was able to take a look at the progress on the up and coming MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE and it is even better than I had dared to hope for, it will provide you with all sorts of new things to flesh out the character concept above with... If I am not mistaken you will be able to have your own copy in time for the holidays!
    • I have a question, I know Schools are a thing in Dardunah could a character have a Private Tutor? A thought dawned on me, I decided to create a Shard Character based on my Life Coach who could be the Tutor for my Sow character

      I can imagine with her Condition Si'Ni couldn't stay in school because she was both bullied and she would try to fight with the bullies

      Since Si'Ni has the Flaws of Short Tempered and Vengeful I imagined Dianne's Character as a Strong yet Sweet Mountain Hare with the 'Overly Kindhearted' flaw I've had some fierce debates with my Life Coach over various things and this could very much be treated as an allegory of not enough tolerance vs too much tolerance

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