Potential Scenario Janah Child with Monsters in Closet

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    • Potential Scenario Janah Child with Monsters in Closet

      So watching this Video from one of my favorite Youtubers Mysterious Mr Enter

      This story he gives as an example at the beginning of the video gave me an idea about a scenario for PCs suppose a Juvenile Janah is Haunted by a Ghost or Demon which lurks in her closet and needs the PCs help to exorcise it...Just a thought
    • Another way this scenario could be approached is if it was a DM playing with a single player like introducing Shard to a Child the Child Player could take the role of the Janah Child and be the one the battle the Monster

      This could play out like an Anthropomorphic and more Exotic version of the 1st Pajama Sam game

      And if the child was a beginning sir'hibas entering the dream could be very much like Pajama Sam entering the Land of Darkness
    • Yes, I can see the way this would inspire you! I should also add that the DREAM in the game is a very mercurial place prone to extremes of wonder and terror so if you do decide to journey there as a child be very very careful to not get lost otherwise it would lead to a situation which may not be very healthy for the character and could even result in the characters body being inhabited by the spirit of another being... similar to being possessed.... this is but one aspect of the dangers to be found in the DREAM, there are many more.... which you will be able to read all about in the soon to be released MAGIC AND MARTIAL ARTS GUIDE which contains detailed information regarding these subjects and more....