ReaperWolf's Shard event at KublaCon 2017...

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    • ReaperWolf's Shard event at KublaCon 2017...

      Ya heard right, I'm leading an expedition to Dardunah in a few months:

      Chains of Wonders
      Shard/Dárdünah: World of the False Dawn
      SUN, 08:00 PM – 12:00 AM
      A flying island and vile tyrant's palace, a prison of wonders cursed to drift on elemental winds till the end of time; a grim but beautiful example of the folly of vanity and greed. Many have tried in vain to set foot on the island, most give up while others have their ships smashed to kindling on the jagged cliffs. Peril and riches await the crafty and courageous.
      "Welcome traveler to Dárdünah: World of the False Dawn. Indulge your taste for the exotic as you play a Janah: an anthropomorphic animal on an alien world woven from the rich tapestry of Indian & Arabian mythology. Prizes generously provided by the fine folks at Shard Studios."
    • And to clarify even further, folks (since our forum's posting date makes it look like it's the date of the convention), the actual date of KublaCon is Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency SFO.... Check out his attached link for more info!

      Let us know how things go ReaperWolf! We look forward to hearing about it!

      Scottie ^^